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Step 1 - Introductory Phone Meeting

We start with a 15-minute call to talk about what’s on your mind. I’ll share a little about our process, and if our process makes sense for you, we will continue to Step 2.

As stated above, this process has been designed to be educational, valuable for you, and safe so you’ll never feel pressured.

If our process isn’t the right fit for you, we are happy to refer you to another firm that better suits your needs.

Step 2 - Questionnaire

We will send you a multiple-choice questionnaire that will take you no more than 5 minutes to complete.

This questionnaire will help us understand your current situation and what you hope to get by working with a wealth management firm.

Your answers will allow us to custom-tailor your education in Step 3.

Step 3 - Your 30-Minute Personalized Education

You might have lots of questions about working with us or an advisor in general.

Over the next week or so, you will receive a series of “bite-sized” emails and videos that will provide you with what you need to know so you can make a smart decision.

You will learn about the problems our clients typically face and possible solutions.

You’ll also be provided with answers to questions that people normally ask and answers to questions you might have.

After receiving your personalized education, whether or not you decide to partner with us, you’ll feel confident because you’ll learn about things you should be considering as you plan for your future.

Step 5 - Observations Meeting

In this meeting, we will cover our observations about your current situation as they relate to your goals and plan for the future.

Your answers along with the documents we requested will allow us to provide you with a one-page, easy-to-understand plan with custom-tailored ideas and suggestions to help you reach your goals.

This is also where you’ll have the full picture of how we will work together.

At the end of this meeting, we will ask you if you’d like to begin partnering with us right away or if you would like to sleep on it. There is never a hard-sell or pressure to say yes. We want long-term, happy relationships with our clients.

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