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Retirement Planning for People Age 50+

Live Your Dream Retirement Sooner




Planning for retirement is overwhelming.


When Can I Retire?

How Do I Create Income From My Portfolio?

What If I Have Unexpected Health or Long-Term Care Needs?

When Should I Take Social Security?

Am I Invested The Best Way?

What If We Go Through Another Market Crash?


You should have the freedom and financial security to enjoy retirement on your terms without all the stress.

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I understand – Big change is scary.

Prior to founding Swad Wealth Management, I had a successful 10-year career at a Fortune 500 firm and struggled with the idea of leaving.  The thought of losing my stable income and my social connections at work was downright daunting.
But with the help of other professionals, I was able to break down what I truly wanted in life and create a plan on how to get it.
I created this firm because I wanted to make a deeper impact and help people like you navigate the important, big life changes such as transitioning into the next phase of your life. 

Plans Created by Zack Swad

Years of Experience


3 Simple Steps to
Get Retirement Clarity

Introductory Call

Let’s chat for 15 minutes about your situation and any urgent questions you may have.  We can make sure we’re a good fit.

Deep Dive

Through a series of meetings, we will get crystal clear on your situation and vision along with what could possibly get in the way.

Get Your Plan

I will provide you with a custom-tailored plan with actionable ideas to help you live your retirement dream sooner.

My Promise to You


Plain English

I don’t use jargon.  I will break down complex topics into easy-to-understand pieces.


I will act in your best interest because I care, not just because I’m legally obligated.


Our advisory fees are straightforward.  No hidden fees, and I don’t participate in commissions.

Same-Day Reply

Your calls and emails received before noon PST will be returned by the end of the business day.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m not happy unless you are, and I stand behind my work.  If you are not satisfied for any reason, I will refund your fees and work with you to make things right.

See FAQs page for details.

What To Expect…

  • State-of-the-art retirement plan with custom-tailored ideas and suggestions to address gaps
  • A professionally managed portfolio


  • Ongoing updates to your plan and portfolio based on changes to the market and/or your situation
  • Unlimited access to me via phone, email, video call, or in-person
  • Dashboard with 24/7 access to your plan and portfolio

You get this plus the confidence that you aren’t making any critical retirement mistakes.

You can’t afford to not have a
good plan

Many people have told me they’ve felt burnt out, wanted more autonomy and time to pursue their passions, or simply wanted to work less so they can relax and spend more time with their family and friends, BUT they wanted to make sure they had all their “ducks in a row” before making the big change.

After they went through the Retirement Clarity Process™, they felt confident in their financial decisions and started living the life they wanted sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, even “small” financial mistakes can cause large setbacks to your retirement goals so it’s important to start planning now.

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